Yoga and Healing Arts Training

100 Hour Certification

Do you love yoga and want to share it with others?
Do you want to increase your understanding of energy, yoga, and wellness, and how they all come together for happiness and healing?
100 hr. Training & Certification Highlights;

This unique and comprehensive training is designed for those who want to use the ancient healing gifts from yoga along with energy management techniques to assist both groups and individuals.

The training takes place over 5 months (meeting 2 Saturdays a month) and includes attending weekly classes, individual self-study, and practice time.

Learn how to teach mindful, gentle and therapeutic forms of yoga. (Gentle, Chair, Restorative, Yin)

Learn energy management exercises & techniques to further open, release and assist in integration and enhance the flow of prana / qi / energy through the meridians. (Body tapping, Qi meditative flows, Self-massage, Essential oils) Plus, philosophy, meditation, and breathwork. ‚Äč

Learn how to create an integrated balanced sequence that feels authentic to you, and how to incorporate practices to keep your own energy balanced. *Self-care for the teacher is mandatory to staying healthy, happy and inspired.

Learn to share the gentle and therapeutic styles of yoga with the enhancement of energy healing techniques.

Upon completion of this training, you will be prepared and confident to teach yoga to groups and individuals at work, friends and family, and other healing facilities.

CEU's are available for yoga teachers.
Certification is given when all requirements are completed.

Disclaimer: This is not a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hr training.